Overtraining is an often misunderstood word in the lifting sphere. Despite what armchair scientists in the gym might tell you, it isn't easy to do. It’s not just working too hard in the gym, either. Sweating through your weightlifting clothing and doing a couple extra reps and sets isn’t going to do it. Instead, it’s repeatedly pushing yourself too far past your limits without enough time to recover or nutrition to feed your body. Even if it isn’t exactly “easy” to over train, it’s still entirely possible if you aren’t careful. So, be proactive, and watch out for these four signs.

Prolonged Muscle Soreness

You can tell you are over training if you notice it takes longer to recover. You might find your muscles are sore after what would otherwise be a relatively light workout. That soreness might last a few days, affecting your next workout. Then, you’re sore from the following workout, which becomes a compounding problem. A little soreness is fine, but you should address any sort of pain or discomfort.

The only way you can repair muscles is by properly resting. You can help aid in this effort with recovery supplements to handle the soreness. Aside from that, good sleep and proper nutrition usually do the trick. Give it time, and you’ll be back in your bodybuilding clothes in no time.

Unusually High or Low Heart Rate

If you’re worried about possible over training, try using a heart rate monitor to analyze your heart rate. While it’s normal to have a high heart rate while training, especially while doing HIIT, an unusually high or low resting heart rate might be cause for concern. Consult a doctor, as you might be over training, or it could be a sign of a more serious problem.

You’ve Caught the Injury Bug

One of the more obvious, common symptoms of overtraining is frequent injuries. Weaker muscle tissue and joints lead to either new injuries or re-aggravated old injuries. You haven’t given your body enough time to recover and recuperate. Pushing yourself too hard over and over again can cause your body to break down, and you might be one bad set away from a soft tissue injury. Don’t let your training intensity sideline you for a few weeks. Instead, make sure you know your limits.

Unusual Exhaustion

You diligently put on your bodybuilder clothing, push yourself, and yet it feels like you’re always tired. It should be easier, but instead, it’s just exhausting. You are probably over training if you wake up still feeling tired after a full night’s sleep. This can also affect your concentration and motivation, further harming your training sessions. If there’s no other reason you should be feeling exhausted, it’s probably a good idea to hold off on a training session and let your body recover. Otherwise, you could be doing far more harm than good to your body.

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