Pro bodybuilders spend countless hours in the gym to achieve their goals. However, being a successful bodybuilder is about more than just throwing on stringer tank tops and going through the motions in the gym. There’s a mental component that is rarely seen but is just as challenging as hitting a new PR. If you want to achieve your goals and elevate your training, consider these five habits of successful bodybuilders.

Start the Day by Setting Goals

How can you expect to achieve a goal if you never set it in the first place? You need to have a game plan ready when you step into the gym. Many successful bodybuilders have a carefully researched and well-thought-out program. “Making gains” is not a plan—it’s too generic and is a byproduct of specific goals. “Hit a deadlift PR in 6 weeks” is a goal you can plan for and program around. Be specific when setting your goals so you can have something to work toward.

Aim for Consistency

Consistency is mastery. If you aren’t putting on your bodybuilding clothes and training regularly, you won’t reach your goals. Devotion to the iron sport is key to being a successful bodybuilder. Lack of motivation isn’t an excuse when you’re dedicated and disciplined. Eventually, you will be tempted to take a day off, going out with friends instead of putting in the work. But those are the days that test your mettle. If you have big goals and take your progress seriously, you’ll work out twice as hard because you even thought about skipping the gym.

Take a Holistic Approach to Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is about more than lifting weights. You need to be an expert in nutrition, supplementation, recovery techniques, and a whole lot of other areas that all work in tandem with your lifting routine. Your bodybuilding journey probably started with just lifting weights. But after you have spent a few months in the gym, you will learn that a holistic approach is needed to help you make the most progress.

Keep a Journal

Amateurs don’t often keep journals and it could be holding them back. You can use a journal to keep track of new exercises you’ve heard of and want to try, the number of sets and reps you did for a specific exercise, how long you worked out, a new recipe someone at the gym told you about, and more. Keeping a record of your training sessions helps you monitor your progress as you work toward new PR goals. Plus, you can write about your thought process to provide better clarity or to help you reflect at a later date.

Keep Learning

Successful lifters never stop learning. The day you stop learning is the day you forgo any significant future gains. From new techniques to new recipes, you should be working on learning as much as you can about the iron sport, nutrition, and life itself.

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